Sunday, July 5, 2009

Modifikasi Honda Click Thailand (Thai)

Modifikasi Honda Click Thailand (Thai) is in the form of Honda scooter. Now not even fight between the 2 elephants in India, Honda vs Yamaha, associated with the segment skutik ... Yamaha is ready-ready design with Yamaha Mio 2009 ...! The image is thick enough Rumors about the 2009 Yamaha Mio ...!
modifikasi Honda Clik 2009
May still skutik concept, as when Honda CZ-i or Honda Click-i exhibited in Bangkok. How long do appear to be true . What if this skutik Yamaha Mio bener-bener out with adjustments, let say 80% of the concept bikez I the war will be ongoing.and off from design, yaagh even if it may be subjective, can be spelled ciamiik laagh ! Modifikasi Honda Click will positioned where skutik neh ... what will replace the mio soul, I will use the good moment.
Honda Click 2009 2010
... aka dijejali market with a variety of models ...! Many get the option strategy that can be positioned for this product. The right strategy, can make 'hiding artillery' strong competitors for ...! Control 56% market share can bakalan the rebound.if the play is the pricing strategy in this segment.


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